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Professional Security Consultancy in London | Assist Services

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Security Consultancy

With our knowledge and experience, consultancy is at the heart of our business. Best practice is our only practice

Best In Class

There are numerous examples of how security consultancy can assist an organisation, from conducting security and safety surveys through to advising on policies and procedures. Here at Assist Services Group, either as part of our provision of security and safety personnel or as a standalone service.

Our team of consultants are appropriately qualified – but more importantly experienced – with the applicable strategic knowledge, to provide you and your business with the consultancy service which best suits your needs. Your assets could potentially be vulnerable to an array of threats of both a security and safety nature which could not only result in a physical issue – but have an impact resulting in economic and reputational harm to your business – or in worst case scenario civil or criminal action.

At Assist Services Group, we do not just write a report that gives you problems – we will also provide you with solutions. We can be as involved as you want with any changes – by doing a full project management taking full ownership of the plan or just writing and provide guidance when needed from initial engagement, gap analysis & audit, identification of risks, mitigation of risks and penetration testing.

Whether it is a new building or operation at planning & design or partial completion stage, or an existing building / operation which needs reviewing, a security operation – physical, electrical, or staffed. We can review existing services to ensure it is fit-for-purpose from a completely neutral standpoint and advise of / if any changes are needed via a full report and strategy for implantation for any changes required.

Additionally, when the review stops, that doesn’t mean our service stops. We will continue to provide general advice and guidance about up-and-coming and actual threats and if we believe that something makes you particularly vulnerable – we will reach out with a service. We understand that the use of security consultants is to either mitigate or reduce the risk relating to security threats to your business – both related to specific assets as well as your locations.

Consultancy Service

What we provide

We can provide that industry specific advice where our security consultancy team have worked in various sectors of the security and safety industries, which include:

Asset Security

Business Continuity & Disaster Recover
– Tabletop Exercise Facilitator Management
– Live Exercise Management

Building Security
– Residential
– Commercial

COVID-19 Risk Management

Crowd Management and Crowd Safety

Data Protection & GDPR Risk Management & Consultancy

Event Safety Management

Fire Safety Consultancy
– Staff Training
Operational Fire Risk Assessments
– Emergency Evacuation Plans
– Stay Put Policies & Plans

Health and Safety Consultancy

Parking Management and Parking Enforcement

Personal & Residential Protection

Risk and Crisis Management

Security Consultancy

Secure by Design accreditation consultancy

Secured Environments accreditation consultancy

Security Infrastructure Selection, Placement and Review
– Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
– Access Control
      – Building
      – Vehicle
– Street Furniture
– Traffic Manage
– Alarm systems

Staff Security
– Recruitment Processes
– Staff Vetting
– DBS Checks

Tall Building Fire Consultancy

Void Property Management

Safety, and your protection in mind

Carrying out a security or safety risk assessment & gap analysis allows us to view your operation holistically. It supports your teams to make informed and rationalised decisions about resource allocation, mitigation, and security control implementation.

As with any management system – the carrying out of an assessment is an integral part of a company’s risk management process to tick a box…carrying out an assessment which is relevant and appropriate saves resources, time and money!

Every aspect of security should complement each other so that there are no vulnerabilities in the security or safety of your organisation’s operation. Whatever your query, please do get in touch for a no obligation conversation about how the team of Security Consultants can help.